Music and Mindful Movement in the Moonlight

Guerilla yogis at the Omnisara Labyrinth!

Guerilla yogis at the Omnisara Labyrinth.

Labyrinth walk

Walking the labyrinth. So meditative!

Labyrinth walk 2

John Guinta on the drum, a perfect percussive accompaniment.

Holding hands on the labyrinth

Holding hands in tree pose.

Dennis and Kathy playing

Dennis and Kathy Lang. Not only are they amazingly talented musicians, they are also incredible yoga teachers. Jacksonville is so lucky to have them:)

How was your weekend? I hope you spent plenty of time outside in this gorgeous weather! It feels so fantastic after a hot, humid North Florida summer.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a yoga benefit at the beach Friday evening. Guerilla Yoga Jax hosted an event called “Light up the Labyrinth”.  The evening began with a walking meditation on the Omnisara Labyrinth, and was followed by a yoga vinyasa practice led by Melissa Hirschman. Throughout the evening, Dennis Lang, Kathy Lang, and John Guinta provided amazing live instrumentals. Shri Hubbard, yoga teacher to yoga teachers and owner of Bliss Yoga Shala, made adjustments to practitioners’ poses throughout the practice.

This was the first time I’ve ever walked a labyrinth, and I found the experience extremely meditative and centering. As you slowly follow the path, it’s very easy to stay in the moment, much easier, I find, than sitting meditation. As we began the yoga practice, the sun slowly began to set. It was the perfect backdrop for a fall yoga practice and we couldn’t have asked more better weather–low 70’s and a light breeze:)

If you’ve never been to the Omnisara gardens and labyrinth, stop what you’re doing right now and just go! Seriously, this is an amazing space in the heart of Jacksonville Beach and we’re so lucky to have it in our backyard.

Guerilla Yoga Jax is the brainchild of yoga teacher extraordinaire Melissa Hirschman, RYT-500. She began this grassroots organization to bring together Jacksonville’s considerable yoga community in the spirit of giving back and making a positive impact on our city. As I understand it, this is a local jam on Seane Corn’s “Off the Mat” activism. As yogis, as we become more mindful, we naturally want to take the peace that we’re experiencing and share it with the world.

All yogis at this event gave donations to the local charity BEAM, which stands for Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry. Through their food pantry, thrift store, and garden, they provide food to families facing possible homelessness.

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Let me know if there’s a good one where you live.


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